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Bridging the Gap Between Science and Application

Episode 107 - Dr. John Fernandes

In episode 107, David is joined by researcher and lecturer Dr. John Fernandes to discuss the issues of discrimination and non-diversity in sport and acdemia. 

Episode 106 - Dr. Fionn McSwiney

In this episode, David is joined by researcher and performance nutritionist Dr. Fionn McSwiney. 

Dr. Fionn McSwiney is a researcher at Dublin City University and a runs Lucid Nutrition Consultancy. 

In this episode, David & Fionn discuss the ketogenic diet in an objective and fair way, delving into the role it may play in athletic performance and health. 

Episode 105 - Kedric Kwan

David is joined by PhD researcher and coach at The Strength Guys, Kedric Kwan.

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