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Bridging the Gap Between Science and Application

Episode 102 - Conor O'Neill

David is joined by GAA performance nutritionist Conor O'Neill of Know Yourself Nutrition

Episode 101 - Mark Germaine - Insight into GAA Performance Nutrition

In episode 101, David joined by Performance Nutritionist with Dublin GAA, Mark Germaine.

Mark provides insights into the role of the performance nutritionist and gives practical advice for the GAA player regarding optimising nutrition. 

Episode 100 - What is Science? What Does it Mean to be Evidence-Based? ft. Alan Flanagan, John Kiely & Ciaran O' Regan

In episode of the podcast, David is joined by Alan Flanagan, John Kiely & Ciaran O'Regan.

The groups discusses the topic of meta-cognition; thinking about how we think.

Topics include; what is science? what is knowledge? what does it mean to be evidence-based? how do we improve our critical thinking ability?

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