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Bridging the Gap Between Science and Application

Early Specialisation & The Utilisation of Isometrics in S&C


In episode 95, David is joined by Luke Jenkinson.

Luke is the current Head of Academy Sports Science & Medicine at Derby County FC.

David & Luke discuss the pros & cons of early specialisation, and the role of isometrics in applied S&C.

The Realities of "Making It" in the S&C Industry - Sami Dowling & Shane Cahill

In episode 96, David is joined by Sami Dowling & Shane Cahill

The trio discuss what it is actually like to work in S&C at the highest level and how to become a successful practitioner in the world of S&C

Episode 96 - Dr. Harry Dorrell


In episode 96, David is joined by Dr. Harry Dorrell. 

Harry is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Lincoln, where his research focuses on the use of velocity based measures to dictate training loads in an attempt to optimize adaptation to resistance training.

David & Harry discuss why velocity-based "loading" may be a more suitable term that velocity-based "training," how to practically apply velocity-based measures in a team setting and the future research direction of velocity-based training.

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