- The Art & Science of Training General Population -

February 8th, 2020

University of Limerick

- Speakers - 

Dr. Paul Rimmer

Paul’s area of academic expertise is in biomechanics, in particular, functional and clinical measures of strength and performance, which is what his PhD investigated.

However, since then Paul has developed a keen interest in the understanding of nutrition and human metabolism, providing nutrition education and programming for a number of high-profile athletes and teams in both the UK and US.

Paul also owns and operates two Nexus Performance physiology laboratories based in Leeds & Manchester.

Lee Bell

Lee has been involved in the fitness industry since 1999 as a coach, trainer, speaker and lecturer. He’s worked with pro athletes, general population clients and also in a clinical setting.

As a lecturer in sport and exercise science and strength and conditioning at Sheffield Hallam University, Lee is heavily involved in research and teaching within the field of sports performance. Previous to that, he taught personal trainers and fitness professionals for over 10 years. 

Lee is a published academic in the area of sports performance and physiology, writes regularly for fitness websites and has spoken at both medical conferences and fitness conventions such as BodyPower.


David Nolan

David graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Sport & Exercise Sciences from the University of Limerick. David has previously worked in a clinical exercise setting with MedEx Wellness & as a strength and conditioning coach with Kildare GAA amongst other teams & individuals. David has an avid interest in research and recently completed contracted research for Food for Health Ireland in the area of nutrition research, based in University College Dublin. 

Currently David is based from Dublin City University where he coordinates research examining nutritional & exercise interventions targeting the preservation of muscle mass and function in older adults. In addition to this, David is also undertaking PhD. studies focused on weight-cutting protocols in strength sports.

David is the current head of performance the Rugby Academy Ireland & a research officer for the strength & conditioning software company, Aplyft. 

David acts as the head coach and educator at Synapse Performance & hosts the Synapse Performance Podcast.


Arthur Lynch

Arthur has been involved in the fitness industry since 2009. During that time he has competed in drug-free bodybuilding and powerlifting, representing Ireland on 3 occasions for the latter.


Arthur achieved first class honours in his sport and exercise science degree from the University of Limerick (UL), graduating in 2014. He is currently pursuing postgraduate studies at UL.

He has been involved with CityGym Limerick as a coach since its inception and co-founded the powerlifting club in late 2014.

Arthur offers online powerlifting, physique and nutrition coaching at Sigma Nutrition and Performance and is the founder and co-host of the No-Lift powerlifting podcast.


Gar Benn

Gar Benn is the owner of CityGym Limerick, a private personal training and strength training facility.

Gar is the co-owner of Titan Support Systems Ireland, co-founder of the European Powerlifting Conference and head coach at Sigma Nutrition. 

Gar is an experienced strength coach and powerlifter. Gar's expertise lies in nutritional coaching, the development of online coaching systems to optimise efficiency while retaining quality of service and in marketing for the fitness professional. 


Hugh Gilmore

Hugh J. Gilmore holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Sport and Exercise Science, a Master of Science with Distinction in Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology, and is a BASES & Irish Institute of Sport Accredited Psychologist. 

Hugh has worked with All Ireland winners, World Champions, Olympians and has a wealth of experience in delivering Sport & Performance Psychology to;
British Weightlifting and Paralympic Powerlifting (Rio Games), Weightlifting Ireland, Northern Ireland Netball, British Athletics & others.

Hugh is the owner of Podium Psychology, which specialises in the application of scientifically derived knowledge with clients in order to create performance improvement.


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- The Art & Science of Training General Population -

 February 8th, 2020

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