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The Art & Science of Training General Population

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Below you will find the link to purchase six lectures recorded at the University of Limerick in February 2020 from the following speakers:

Dr. Paul Rimmer | Owner at Nexus Performance, Co-director at TRA Performance Education

Lee Bell | Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, Co-director at TRA Performance Education

Hugh Gilmore | Owner at Podium Psychology, Sports psychologist at British Athletics & British Weightlifting

Gar Benn | Owner of City Gym Limerick, Head Coach at Sigma Nutrition

Arthur Lynch | PhD candidate at the University of Limerick, Coach at Sigma Nutrition

David Nolan | Owner of Synapse Performance, Head of Performance at Rugby Academy Ireland, PhD researcher at Dublin City University

Lecture Titles:

Dr. Paul Rimmer | Why Your Clients Can't Lose Weight, and What You Can Do About It!

Lee Bell | Undertraining to Underperformance: Are Your Clients Training Too Hard? Or Not Enough?

Hugh Gilmore | Communication Techniques to Build Client Confidence: A Practical Approach

Gar Benn | Soft Skills: Build Better Buy-In, Enhance Client Retention and Maximise Results

Arthur Lynch | Current Evidence-Based Recommendations for Increasing Your Clients Muscle Mass & Strength

David Nolan | Training the Older Adult: Why Your Granny Needs to Be Jacked!

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