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"David takes a pragmatic approach to everything which resonates strongly with myself. A talent for conveying complicated scientific knowledge in a way that people without a scientific background can understand quite easily so that they too can be informed of the most (and least) evidence based practices. He also has the knowledge base to be able to instruct people on the most important factors to focus on in order for them to achieve their health and/or performance related goals, sifting through the factors that are of lesser importance but that people are often more drawn towards because they seem much more appealing without being properly informed."

  Arthur Lynch,

  Head Powerlifting Coach at Sigma Nutrition,

  Ranked 7th in World in the IPF -93kg Class 


Read Below What Our Consultation Service Involves 

Get In Contact and Book a Date & Time For Your Consultation

Complete the

Pre-Consultation Form with the Questions & Topics You Would Like to Discuss

Complete Your Consultation & Put a Clear Plan in Place

Receive a Video Recording of the Conversation & a Follow-Up Email at 2 & 4 Weeks Post Consultation

Synapse Consultation Service


Who Should Have A Consultation?

  • Athlete who do not require/want full coaching but would like to put a plan in place
  • Individuals who would like an evaluation of their current training & nutritional approach​
  • Coaches who would like to discuss ideas/strategies to implement with their own athletes & teams
  • Anyone who would like comprehensive answers to any questions they may have

What's Included?

  • 60 or 120 minute online consultation
  • A recording of the consultation 
  • Access to Synapse Performance spreadsheets
  • Follow-up email at 2 & 4 weeks post consultation
60 minute consultation   = €50
120 minute consultation = €90
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