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Injuries are an inevitable part of sport. Every athlete will deal with injuries throughout their career, and effective physiotherapy rehabilitation is essential to ensure these injuries don't turn into chronic conditions.

Our chartered physiotherapists are experienced in working with athletes both from a rehabilitation and S&C perspective. Our physiotherapists understand that injuries are rehabbed through effective loading and movement, not simply rest & ice. 

So if you have sustained an injury, or have a reoccurring issue and want to get back to peak performance, book in with our chartered physiotherapists today and start on the road to recovery. 

Simply fill in your details below, let us know what services you are interested in and we will be in contact with you shortly.

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Our Physiotherapy Services


30 Minute Consultation

30 minute online consultation to discuss minor issues or queries you may have.




Rehab Program

Following an initial consultation with one of our physiotherapists you will receive a personalised rehabilitation program.




Rehabilitation Coaching

(6 weeks)


You will have an initial consultation with our physiotherapy team and then receive a personalised rehab program. You will also have weekly check-ins with your physios and adjustments made as required.



Our Physiotherapy Team

Paul Ruane BSc., MSc., MISCP

Chartered Physiotherapist 

Paul graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Sport & Exercise Sciences from the University of Limerick, and holds a masters degree in physiotherapy.


Paul has previously worked in a research capacity at the University of South Australia, where he was also the strength coach for the state basketball team.

Paul currently works with a range of private clients and provides physiotherapy support to several field-sport teams. 

Paul offers a range of physiotherapy consulting and rehabilitation coaching services.

Evan Fitzgerald, BSc., MSc., MISCP

Evan graduated with an honours degree in Sport & Exercise Sciences from the University of Limerick and holds a masters degree in physiotherapy from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.


Evan has previously worked at Aberdeen FC & the New Zealand Sports Academy amongst other teams and individuals.


Evan offers a range of physiotherapy consulting and rehabilitation coaching services. 

Chartered Physiotherapist 

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