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Dr. Mike Israetel


Dr. Mike Israetel


Maximal Recoverable Volume (MRV), Identifying Weak Links & Cutting Weight

Our Guest:

Dr. Mike Israetel

Mike Israetel, born in Moscow, Russia, did his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and his master's at Appalachian State University. In 2013, Michael completed his PhD in Sport Physiology at ETSU, where he also served as a strength coach, sport scientist and nutritional consultant to Division I Athletes.  Mike's educational background compliments his experiences as a competitive grappler and bodybuilder. While his greatest passion is teaching, Mike also takes great pride in his nutritional and training consultation to elite strength and combat athletes around the world, experiences, which he regularly uses in classroom lessons. Mike works with the best in the industry such as Juggernaut Systems & Rennaissance Periodisation.

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