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Dr. Neil Welch


Dr. Neil Welch


Speed, Acceleration and Deceleration for Field Based Sports

Our Guest:

Dr. Neil Welch

Dr. Neil Welch completed his undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Physiology BSc (Hons) at the University of Leeds, specialising in his final year in Biomechanics. He then undertook his MSc in Strength and Conditioning at the University of Bolton alongside Strength and Conditioning roles within Winter sports including national Alpine skiing programmes and then international snowboard cross. Further roles with multiple sports with Locker27 and in gait analysis in London followed before his move to the Sports Surgery Clinic in 2013. He completed his PhD on the role of strength and explosive strength in rehabilitation and performance with Dublin City University in 2019. He has a special interest in this regard in the Biomechanics of cutting.

He is the head of knee services within the SSC overseeing the flagship ACL review service.

In this episode Neil discusses:

- What is agility?

- How do we train to improve agility?

- How do we periodise agility and speed training?

- How important is training deceleration?

- How can we improve deceleration ability?

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