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Jordan Sullivan


Jordan Sullivan


Lessons from UFC Fight Island and Where Athletes Get it Wrong with Sweating When Cutting Weight

Our Guest:

Jordan Sullivan

In this episode, David is joined by founder and owner of The Fight Dietician, Jordan Sullivan. 

Jordi has an Undergraduate Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and a Masters of Dietetic Studies. After completing his studies, Jordi moved to Canada, where he was exposed to an MMA scene that far exceeded that of Australia. He realised that it was only a matter of time until this enthusiasm towards the sport was mirrored back home in Australia and his dream of working in Combat Sports Nutrition could become a reality.

Since then, Jordi has established himself as one of the leading Practitioners in Australia and New Zealand and has worked with the regions most successful athletes and teams. He is passionate about raising awareness of safe practices when it comes to making weight and using Nutrition as a tool for Performance, not just for weight loss.

In this episode, David and Jordan discuss his experiences on the UFC Fight Island and where athletes go wrong when using sweating methods to cut weight. 

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