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Dr. Trisha Scribbans


Dr. Trisha Scribbans


Sprint Interval Training vs. Endurance Training, Responders vs. Non-Responders to Exercise

Our Guest:

Dr. Trisha Scribbans

Dr. Trisha Scribbans’s research interests include identifying strategies of improving patient clinical outcomes following athletic therapy (AT) and other allied health care treatments/therapies and advancing the role of ATs and kinesiologists within the Canadian health care system. She is also interested in the mechanisms underlying the ability of high-intensity interval training/exercise (HIT) to elicit comparable improvements in local (e.g. skeletal muscle) and systemic metabolism as moderate-intensity extended duration exercise (i.e. endurance training), variability in individual responses to exercise training, and the development of anatomical and educational models for the improvement of manual skill acquisition in novice health care providers.

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