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Dr. Catherine Norton


Dr. Catherine Norton


Protein Quality & Distribution, Applied Sports Nutrition in an Elite Environment

Our Guest:

Dr. Catherine Norton

In this episode, David is joined by Dr. Catherine Norton.  Catherine is a performance nutritionist and registered dietitian and currently works full-time at the University of Limerick, Human Research Institute. She teaches on the BSc & MSc courses there, as well as researching in both, food for health, and performance nutrition.  Catherine is a graduate of DIT / TCD (Human Nutrition & Dietetics) and UL (PhD Nutrition), and an accredited Sport & Exercise Nutritionist (SENr High Performance). Catherine spent three seasons as full-time lead performance nutritionist to Munster Rugby and has also consulted with a wide range of sports disciplines at national, international and Olympic levels. She previously held the Lead Performance Nutritionist role with the swimmers at the High-Performance Centre in UL and with Rowing Ireland. Dr. Norton has also provided nutrition support to both junior and senior athletes with Athletics Ireland, Triathlon Ireland, Inter-County GAA and AIL rugby clubs. Dr Norton's research interests investigate optimising nutrition for athletic training and competition, with a particular emphasis on peri-training nutrition (PTN). She is also involved in research considering appropriate protein intakes (quantity, quality and timing) for the prevention of age related losses in both muscle (sarcopaenia) and bone (osteopaenia).

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