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Dr. Israel Halperin


Dr. Israel Halperin


Metascience: Strengthening Sports & Exercise Sciences, Internal Validity of Research & A Rationale for Case Studies

Our Guest:

Dr. Israel Halperin

In this episode, David is joined by Dr. Israel Halperin.  Israel has just completed post-doctoral research at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Israel completed his PhD at Edith-Cowan University, Australia in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS). His research focusing on the effect of coaching feedback on performance of resistance trainees and combat sport athletes.  Israel worked with the four Olympic Combat sports in the AIS Combat Centre.  Israel is also a former international competitor in Muay Thai, and now coaches elite level kickboxers.  In this episode, we discuss metascience in the sports and exercise sciences. Essentially we discuss some limitations and considerations which we need to be aware of when both conducting and interpreting research. 

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