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Dr. Paul Rimmer


Dr. Paul Rimmer


How to Conduct a Needs Analysis, Individual vs. Team Coaching, Nutritional Monitoring Strategies

Our Guest:

Dr. Paul Rimmer

In this episode, David is joined by Dr. Paul Rimmer. Throughout the course of his academic studies Paul has covered many areas related to sport science, including nutritional biochemistry, physiology, psychology, elements of physiotherapy and nutrition and exercise programming. His area of academic expertise is in biomechanics – in particular functional and clinical measures of strength and performance, which is what his PhD was involved in. Paul has also developed and delivered courses and seminars covering many aspects of health and fitness. He has developed a deep understanding of nutrition and human metabolism, which is the research area he is now considered to be most knowledgeable in. In his current professional capacity Paul provide science based health and fitness content and education for various businesses and individuals within the fitness industry. He is passionate about the need to educate people on evidence based nutritional practices, working as a consultant to many trainers and coaches around the world to help them develop their knowledge and provide better service to their clients.

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