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Lee Bell, MSc.


Lee Bell, MSc.


The Science of Overtraining & the Realities of Professional Fitness Writing

Our Guest:

Lee Bell, MSc.

In this episode, David is joined by Lee Bell.  Lee is an MSc qualified consultant lecturer, speaker and content writer, published in some of the most respected online platforms in the world. He’s currently pursuing a PhD looking at the link between overreaching/overtraining and strength sports. He is a published academic and professional writer and has delivered talks at a number of conferences including the COPA Growth medical conference in London. Lee is also involved in primary sport science research with other sport scientists across a number of institutions. Lee has lectured to hundreds of sport science students, personal trainers and coaches in his career so far. He has been master trainer at two global equipment suppliers and involved on a number of steering groups aimed at improving the way that fitness education is delivered in the UK. David & Lee discuss the research of overtraining and how to monitor & prevent overtraining in our athletes. Lee also gives us an insight into the realities of being a professional fitness writer.

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