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Dr. Cody Haun


Dr. Cody Haun


Does Different Training Influence the Type of Muscle Growth Which Occurs?

Our Guest:

Dr. Cody Haun

In this episode David is once again joined by Dr. Cody Haun. Cody is an assistant professor in exercise science at Le Grange College. Cody is also an experienced strength and conditioning coach and works with stronger by science and Aplyft.  In this episode, David & Cody discuss the theory of myofibrillar and sarcoplasmic muscle hypertrophy. Cody discusses the finding of his research and implication it may have for interpreting muscle hypertrophy research. Cody also talks about ideas of how different types of training may impact what type of muscle hypertrophy occurs and whether increased muscle hypertrophy influences increases is muscle strength?

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