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Broderick Chavez


Broderick Chavez


Understanding the Tenants of Biology & the Importance of Blood Work

Our Guest:

Broderick Chavez

In episode 94, David is joined by Broderick Chavez. Broderick Chavez is the Evil Genius. He’s a renowned trainer based in the US and has trained champions, Olympians and IFBB Pros as well as hundreds of other athletes.  He is a sports performance expert, biologist, chemist, coffee connoisseur and an insomniac. Not only has Broderick worked in Sports Performance field 30 years, he’s competed at a national level in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman. He’s a critical thinker, lifter, speaker and thought provoker. Broderick is uncensored and controversial. Rather than trying to prove to you or anyone else that he is the singular outlet for truth, he hopes to stimulate thought, experiment and dialogue that will bring us all closer to the truth. This is a guy to listen to if you coach athletes or you’re an athlete yourself, wanting to get to the top of their game. In this Episode, David & Broderick discuss why understanding the tenants of biology is crucial to effective programming & decision making.  The pair also discuss the value of regularly getting blood work done to optimise both health & performance.

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