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Tim Smithies


Tim Smithies


The Role of Sports Science in E-Sports

Our Guest:

Tim Smithies

In this episode of the podcast, David is joined by PhD researcher Tim Smithies.

Tim is a researcher based at the University of Limerick in the E-sports research lab and is completing a PhD in conjunction with the Irish Research Council and Logitech.

In this episode, the pair discuss:

- What is E-Sports?
- What roles do S&C and sports science play in E-sports?
- What is the future of sports science research in E-Sports?
- What influence does E-Sports have on health and sleep?

Papers mentioned in the podcast:

Life After Esports: A Grand Field Challenge

Converging Evidence Supporting the Cognitive Link between Exercise and Esport Performance: A Dual Systematic Review

This episode of the podcast is sponsored by MVP Analytics.

MVP Analytics are hosting two free webinars on the 19th and the 26th of January, 2021, with guest speakers on women in sport, long term athlete development and managing growing athletes. .
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