Synapse GAA Off-Season Program



This 90-page resource contains a comprehensive off-season program consisting of 6 fully-customizable training programs for both men and women to choose from depending on your goals, accompanied by an off-season tempo running program, calorie & macro calculator and video course on training and nutrition to give you all the tools you need for a successful off-season. 

So whether you want to gain strength, put on some muscle or get leaner & fitter, this program is exactly what you need. 

What is Included?

7 customizable training programs:


         - Strength & Muscle Gain

- Power & Speed

- Female Specific S&C 

-Home Based Training 

Video course 

Nutrition calculator

Meal Plan Templates

Program Designed By:

David Nolan Headshot no background.png

David Nolan, BSc. PhD (c)

Sports Scientist and S&C Coach

Mark Germaine.jpg

Mark Germaine, BSc., MSc., SENr

Performance Nutrionist at Dublin GAA