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The Synapse Performance Podcast is hosted by David Nolan and features

world-leading experts in the areas of health, nutrition & performance. 


It is intended to be a valuable free resource of evidence-based discussions for coaches and enthuiasts to improve knowledge & critical thinking. 

Latest Episodes:

Shane Malone Dublin GAA
Shane Malone Dublin GAA.png
Tommy Lundberg.png
Mark Germaine
Dr. Aoife Lane
Brian Fitzpatrick sports analysis.png
Rich Clarke.png
Dr. Tom Maden-Wilkonson
Kate McDaid Nutri Kate
James Fitzgerald.png
Hugh Gilmore.png
Episode 110 thumbnail.png
Reid Reale
Dr. Fionn McSwiney
Stephan Behan.png
Conor O'Neill
John Kiely
Luke Jenkinson.png
Episode 96 thumbnail.png
Episode 94 Thumbnail_edited.jpg
Episode 92 thumbnail.png
Episode 91 Thumbnail.png
Shane Smith Thumbnail Audio.png
Episode 87.png
Episode 85 thumbnail.png
Episode 82 Cody Haun Website photo.png
Robbie Bourke
Dr. Gary Mendoza
Fergus connolly
Lee Bell TRA
Dr. Paul Rimmer TRA
GAA training .png
Tim Smithies UL Lero Logitech
Jordan Sullivan UFC
Broderick Chavez
rugby strength coach.png
arthur lynch .png
GAA Training Program.png
jacob reed.png
Dave Hembrough
Mikey Kiely Limerick.png
Rob Pacey.png
John Fernandes.png
Kedric Kwan.png
Hugh Gilmore.png
Mark Germaine.png
Synapse Performance.png
Sami Dowling.png
Oliver Barley Heat Acclimation.png
Episode 93 Thumbnail.png
Episode 90 Thumbnail.png
Dan Garner Podcast Thumbnail.png
Alan Ruddock Thumbnail.png
Dan cleather podcast thumbnail.png
Helen Collins - Episode 83 - Website pho
Episode 81 - Franco Podcast.png
Steve Thompson
Eric Helms rap
Alex Kolliari Turner - Anti doping scien
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