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Our expert team of consultants comprised of sports scientists, psychologists, performance nutritionists and athletic development coaches offer a unique complete consultation solution for sports and health related organisations and corporations.


Whether you are looking for an engaging digital content strategy, upskilling your staff through interactive education programs or gaining exposure for your product, we have the skill, experience and network  you need.


Our Team Members Have Worked With

Our Core Team

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Hugh Gilmore

Hugh Gilmore is an applied sports psychologist working at the highest level, currently occupying roles with British Athletics and Team GB weightlifting and para-powerlifting, preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games. 

Hugh is an expert in applied sports psychology techniques and a master communicator. Hugh's expertise extends beyond one-to-one consultation as he is an experienced educator having been involved in several coaching development pathway as well as working with commercial partners to bring the skills of elite performance psychology into the highly competitive corporate world. 

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Lee Bell

Lee Bell is a strength and conditioning / sport and exercise science lecturer based at Sheffield Hallam University. He has a publication background in athlete performance, with a special interest in strength sport fatigue.


In addition to Lee's peer-reviewed academic publication record, he is an experienced content writer, having published over 3,000 articles across the world's most respected fitness and health sites.


Lee is also co-director at TRA Performance Education, an education platform for coaches and trainers to develop their skills and knowledge.

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Dr. Paul Rimmer

Dr. Paul Rimmer holds a PhD. from the University of Leeds and works as an applied physiologist and performance nutritionist with a wide range of athletes and specific populations. 

Dr. Rimmer is an experienced content creator, producing written and video educational resources, and is one of the architects behind the highly successful "Live Like Louise" program. 

Dr. Rimmer is a regular consultant with corporations in the business and financial sectors, auditing and implementing corporate health initiatives aimed to improve employee health and productivity. 

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David Nolan

David is a sports science researcher and consultant currently completing his PhD. in applied sports sciences at Dublin City University, and is a published author in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 

David's current roles include Director of Education (former Head of Athletic Performance) at Rugby Academy Ireland and Research and Development Officer at Aplyft. 

David is an experienced content creator, with particular specialty in the area of podcasting and interviewing. David also consults with sports technology companies on product innovation and market strategy. 

In addition to our core consulting team, we have an extended team of industry specific experts and academics in addition to a support crew of graphic designers, videographers and to ensure a complete consulting solution for your business.

Our Services

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Content Creation

Do you want to create engaging articles that drive traffic to your site?

Are you interested in starting a podcast, but don't know where to start?

Our expert team of consultants have extensive experience producing high-quality and evidence-based content across written, video and audio mediums for companies just like yours.


Whether it is interviewing brand ambassadors live on your social platforms or creating a comprehensive course for your customers, we have the perfect content strategy for your business.  

Content Creation

Corporate Health

The corporate world and health are not usually synonymous with each other.


Long hours, deadlines and sales targets can often lead to poor employee mental and physical health. 


Our expert team of health consultants work with high performance environments implementing strategies and programs to improve the health status of all employees leading to greater productivity, reduced absenteeism and increased employee satisfaction. 


Our strategies range from corporate health auditing, employee education, high performance communication workshops and comprehensive corporate health management.  

Corporate Health




Do you have a new product or service in the sports performance or health industry? 

Would you like exposure for your product to world leading experts and organisations? 

Maybe you want an industry expert to review your prodyuct?


Our expert team have worked with leading sports and health technology companies, advising on product development, corporate strategy and market acquisition.


We have a large and influential network, which you can leverage to get your product in front of the right people at the right time. 

Whether you need the opinions of those "in the trenches" to aid product development, or wish to trial your product with leading sporting organisations, we have the solution for your business. 

Corporate Consulting
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